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The City, Gotham, The Big Apple; no matter what you call it, New York City is one of the foremost icons in our world’s culture. It’s a place where dreams are made—a city of grit, glitz, and glamour that’s become the icon of America. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. The inherent dynamism that broods at New York’s core is what makes this city so amazing, and throw in international influences from all over the world, and you end up with a city that’s as timeless as it is diverse and ever-changing.

Those international influences manifest themselves most famously in New York’s staggering dining scene. Whether you’re in the market for a three Michelin Star experience or you’re shoestringing your way through the city, you’ll find Dominican, Japanese, and Chinese butted up against Ukrainian comfort food, Jewish delis, and the best Italian food outside of Italy (just to name a few). Spend a few days here and you’ll find that there are a few reasons why New York is called The Melting Pot—and they’re all delicious in their own right.

While its internationality makes for an amazing dining scene, it’s also made New York chalked full of unique and eclectic neighborhoods. While there’s always Times Square and its world renowned Broadway shows, there’s also the swank and history of Midtown, as well as the Bohemian vibes of Greenwich Village. But it doesn’t end there: every part of New York is unique to itself; you’ll even come across immigrant enclaves like Little Ukraine and Chinatown, each packed to the curbs with its own charm, quirk, and history.

New York is a city for everyone: the most brazen of the bourgeois and the scrappiest artists are both a crucial part of what makes this city the cultural titan that it is. It’s a place where lifelong locals—some of whom have never left the city—live alongside people who traveled across the world to make their dreams come true. It’s this timelessly local, internationally dynamic spirit that makes New York what it is—and that’s why some call it The World’s City.



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